Automated Filter Sensor & Controller

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The EZ Filter Controller automatically senses when a filter requires maintenance, before the filter becomes blocked. The controller then coordinates up to 4 devices (via relays) such as pump power, solenoids and filter backwash to complete a cleaning operation.


EZ Clean Filter Controller (small box)

EZ Clean Filter Controller (small box)


Four modes of operation are available:

  • Single pressure sensing (typically for Irrigation Filter monitoring).

    The pressure sensor is connected anywhere downstream of the filter - when normal operating pressure is not reached, or takes too long to reach operational pressure, the filter cleaning process is started.
  • Differential pressure sensing (typically for process filter monitoring)

    The pressure sensor is connected inline before and after the filter. If the pressure drop across the filter is too high for too long, the filter cleaning process is started.
  • Pressure drop sensing to determine run times (typically for constant pressure well filtration)

    When a filter is situated between a constant pressure pump and a pressure tank, there is negligible change in pressure across the filter. However pressure down stream of the pressure tank will drop when a sprinkler system is activated. Sensing this pressure drop determines how long the water has been flowing, and the filter cleaning process can be set to run every X minutes of water flow.
  • Clock based cleaning (typically for process filtering)

    Instead of using a pressure sensor, the filter is automatically cleaned every X minutes. Typically associated with industrial / food processing requirements.

Frequent Cleaning Alarm

An alarm mode notifies the operator that the cleaning process is running too frequently, usually caused by an issue with water supply and/or filter cleaning system. 

Inside the Controller

Inside the Controller

Large Case Version of the EZ Filter Controller

Large Case & Power Supply Option

The EZ Filter Controller is also available in the Large Case Version. The case is lockable and has plenty of room for rear wiring connections. 

This version includes a GFCI, 24v AC 750 ma power supply, and 9v DC power supply.

Ideal for a completely self contained solution.

Process Control

The Filter Controller includes 4 relays, each individually programmable, to control devices such as filter position actuators, pumps, valves and other devices.

Each relay can be activated up to 3 times, with individual start and run times. 

A simple example:

Relay 1 = Pump supply
Relay 2 = Filter Actuator position
Relay 3 = Alternate water supply

Program Summary:
  • At 1 second from start, turn off pump (relay 1) and keep turned off for 30 seconds.
  • At 5 seconds from start, Turn the filter handle actuator to clean position (relay 2) and keep in this position for 30 seconds.
  • At 15 seconds from start, turn on the alternate water supply (relay 3) for 5 seconds, providing clean water to backwash the filter screen to waste.
  • At 25 seconds from start, turn on the alternate water supply again for another backwash cycle.
  • (At 35 seconds the second instruction is finished, and the filter handle starts moving back to normal filtration position. At 45 seconds the first instruction is finished, and power is turned on again for the pump)

The filter controller is easy to program, yet provides enough programming power to enable complex switching operations, such as parallel dual filter backwash operations.

An additional feature is an alarm that can be set based on an operations repeating too often, indicating a failure in the process.

The Pressure Monitor & Controller allows you to: 

  • Detect when overall system pressure is failing, whether caused  by failing supply  pressure  (pump or  mains), or  a downstream  leak  / break  as  can  occur  in  an  irrigation system.
  • Protect your system investment. Avoid damage to pumps, filters and process equipment from failed / full filters
  • Save money by no longer having to schedule manual cleans.
  • Monitor and manage virtually any system, from simple to advanced. From a simple alarm system to automation of advanced parallel filter backwash systems, our product line covers virtually every filtration monitoring and control requirement.
  • Save Water. The Pressure Monitor & Controller can fully automate your filter backwash operation, operating only as required, instead of back washing on  a regular scheduled basis. This can save thousands of gallons per year, depending on the application as well as optimizing overall system performance. A typical example is swimming pool backwash monitoring  &  automation.