We manufacture Smart Graywater, Rainwater, Condensate & Potable Water Irrigation systems for residential, commercial and industrial clients.


IrriGRAY, designed (patents pending) and manufactured by Water ReNu, is the breakthrough product Home Owners and Builders have been waiting for.

In addition to protecting your valuable landscape and lawn from the ravages of water rationing, IrriGRAY is very cost effective. For new mortgaged homes, IrriGRAY not only pays for itself, it MAKES you hundreds of dollars every year.  
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We also manufacture automated self cleaning filter systems for Water Wells, Agriculture and Industrial Processing needs.


Our patented filter sensor controller and automated Twist II Clean filter products now bring the benefits of automated, self-sensing and self-cleaning filtration systems to almost any filtration need.  


Motor Driven Twist II Clean Filters 

Fully Automated Twist II Clean Solutions!

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Filter process controller
(up to 4 devices)

Price & Ease of Use Breakthrough!

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