The Breakthrough Graywater Irrigation System


It might seem that enjoying a pleasing green landscape is a thing of the past, particularly with the last 4 years of severe drought in California. If and when the rains come again, water shortages are not going to go away. Population growth in the Southern and Western US States virtually guarantees continued water shortages and rationing even in times of  'normal' rainfall.

Re-using graywater (mainly water from your showers, tubs and laundry) provides a supply of landscape water every day. Without getting too detailed right now, irrigating every day with a small amount of water is far more efficient than once or twice a week using sprinklers: one gallon of graywater irrigated via drip irrigation saves two gallons of potable water. 

Each person in the house generates enough graywater to irrigate between 500 - 1,000 square feet of turf, or 1,500 - 3,000 square feet of landscape beds.

This means for typical homes there is enough graywater to irrigate the entire landscape. IrriGRAY also manages multiple water sources to ensure the most efficient irrigation outcome, particularly important for large properties.

In addition to helping your landscape be as green as possible, IrriGRAY pays for itself quickly, and continues to save significant money every year. The net saving for a typical new home client is between $500 - $1,500 per year based on current water prices. 

IrriGRAY is truly a breakthrough system. In addition to enabling you to have the landscape you want, and protecting it from drought and water restrictions, it makes you money every year!

IrriGRAY has 3 on-site components:

Collection & Pumping Basin

The IrriGRAY collection and pumping basin is 18" diameter x 30" deep. 12" Extensions are used to bring the top of the assembly to ground level, enabling connection to graywater stub-out depths of up to 48".

Surge capacity is 30 gallons. IrriGRAY does not need to store water - graywater is irrigated as quickly as it arrives in the basin. Although graywater can legally be stored up to 24 hours, storage is best avoided because of potential odor development. The internal pump activates as soon as 5 gallons is available, further increasing surge capacity.

The pump also diverts a jet of water inside the basin to agitate the contents, stirring any sediments and forcing these to the filter. Because of this the pump basin is self cleaning. The large coarse foreign material trap / filter should be emptied once a year, at the same time as a recommended annual inspection.

Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter

The Twist II Clean automated filter is managed by the IrriGRAY Controller. When downstream pressure and flow rates drop to a set level, the pump is automatically turned off, filter handle turned to backwash position, and potable water used to flush debris to waste. 

The Filter can be installed indoors (typically located in the Garage) or externally. The IrriGRAY Controller senses freezing potential and places the filter in a freeze protect mode.

IrriGRAY Controller

The Controller has a 7" tablet that continuously receives data from pressure and flow sensors, directing all graywater to the appropriate zones throughout the day.

Additional potable water or rainwater is used to supplement graywater when necessary.

The Controller operates with or without an internet connection. If an internet connection is available, the controller sends performance data to the IrriGRAY Internet Service. 


  • Instant Graywater Irrigation
    As soon as 5 gallons of graywater is available, IrriGRAY automatically irrigates to the correct zone

  • Fully Automated & Self Cleaning
    Graywater, Condensate, Rainwater - if available - & Potable water  are automatically managed to fulfill daily irrigation requirements

  • Climate Based Water Management
    Irrigation needs are automatically calculated each day based on climate, location, day of the week settings and water restriction impact

  • Commercial Quality
    The residential IrriGRAY system is built from the same components we use for our commercial clients

  • Best Irrigation Efficiency
    IrriGRAY uses Netafim dripperline for sub turf and landscape beds. In our experience it is the best quality dripperline available, and together with optimized water management provides the highest irrigation efficiency possible

  • 16 Zones
    Any of the 16 zones can be setup as graywater dripperline, excess graywater disposal (great for reducing septic maintenance costs), potable water only sprinklers or potable water only dripperlines e.g. vegetable gardens

  • Internet Control
    You can adjust settings either directly on the built-in 7" tablet, or via Internet connected computer, smartphone or tablet. Other representatives, such as your landscape maintenance contractor can also change settings remotely. IrriGRAY can also run without any Internet connection, although remote access features and reporting are not available

  • Internet Reporting / Charts
    IrriGRAY measures each gallon sent to the landscape, and a range of interactive charts / graphs are available to view water consumption statistics e.g. type of water / zone / date range. A time view chart also shows in minute by minute blocks when and what type of water has been irrigated to each zone.

  • Future Updates
    Using your wireless Internet connection, IrriGRAY automatically updates to the latest version located on our system server, including latest features. Our support team can even update individual systems remotely, allowing us to investigate and support individual issues should they occur

  • Monitoring Service
    Drip based irrigation is the most water efficient method of providing the exact amount of water your landscape needs to stay green. However if something does go wrong (e.g. failed irrigation solenoids, a spade through a distribution line, loss of water pressure) you usually don't notice until your landscape starts going brown. IrriGRAY automatically monitors water volumes, flow rates, water and pump pressure, and pumping basin water level, If a problem is detected, the property owner (and contractor if applicable) is automatically notified. This service is provided free in the first year, with a nominal annual subscription fee in following years 

  • Failsafe Protection
    Automatic fail safe valves and system control ensure that if an error does occur, appropriate steps are taken by the system to protect system components and manage water sources, routing around the issue. The monitoring service then notifies related people of the issue/s

  • Designed and Manufactured in the US
    IrriGRAY is designed and supported wholly withing the US. Some components are imported, but over 80% of the manufactured cost uses US manufactured components and Labor. Your support of IrriGRAY creates more specialized design and manufacturing jobs in the US!

  • Cost
    At only $4,150 for the Pumping, Filtration and Controller system (not including dripperline or standard irrigation zone valves) IrriGRAY is a small fraction of the cost of other manufacturers' multi zone systems. IrriGRAY is also the only graywater / condensate / rainwater & potable water system with a self diagnoses and monitoring service

    IrriGRAY provides a range of Charts (via PC, Tablet or Smart Phone), as well as full remote access to change irrigation settings.


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