Austin Irrigation Tradeshow 2013

Choosing to use this Trade Show as a 'soft' launch of our new IrriGRAY intergrated graywater, rainwater and potable water irrigation system, we initially thought our first year sales might be somewhere between 200 and 300 units. After all this is ground breaking technology - nothing like it in the world.

Within the first few hours of the show, our expectations changed drastically. Now looking at sales in the tens of thousands, we quickly realized we had to go back to Ballinger TX and remodel our factory to cope with the demand.

I particularly liked an unsolicited review by Nate Downey, writer or a monthly column and noted speaker. Here is part of the relevant column:

There was still plenty of good news coming out of Texas and the water harvesting industry generally. One of my favorite booths was tucked away in the backside of the convention center. There, at Morrow Water Savers, I spoke with the company’s bright-eyed product manager Paul James, who seems to have invented an ingenious way to harvest greywater.

His system, called IrriGRAY, could revolutionize greywater recycling. The IrriGRAY system uses greywater in drip irrigation systems. People who know anything about greywater know that it’s typically taboo to pump it through drip emitters. Greywater turns septic quickly in storage. Filters become disgusting. Emitters clog. Systems are quickly trashed.

James knew to create a system that immediately filters the water and allows the water to be kept in storage for no measurable amount of time. Rather than running by the clock, irrigation occurs when bathroom sink, showers, and clothes-washing machines are used. The irrigation controller doesn’t run at a predictable time so much as it runs based on the volume of greywater available.

To answer your first questions, yes, the system has a back-up water plan to keep plants alive if not enough greywater is being used. The system is made in made Ballinger, Texas, and it’s competitively priced with systems costing in the $3,000 range. Find more info at