Midland Builders Luncheon

As sponsor for the luncheon meeting, we were able to provide a 10 minute introduction about graywater irrigation to over 80 builders and associates.

Our presentation was extremely well received, and for most builders it was the first time they realized that a complete graywater irrigation package for their clients would only cost about $1,700 more than a regular sprinkler system.

While builders are mainly interested in 'building' it is of course in their interest to provide a complete livability package. Happy customers make for more repeat / word of mouth sales, and in this hot, dry and dusty part of Texas, a green landscape is high on customer's wishlists.

Until the builders had heard of this solution, they had resigned themselves to just offering bare ground, especially because of the severe water restrictions in place, and likely to remain for a long time - especially as the population grows, but water sources remain the same.