San Angelo Water Mandate Makes History

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SAN ANGELO, Tx - San Angelo made history this morning, and with perfect timing, on Earth Day.  
The groundbreaking this morning had a double meaning as San Angelo is the first in the nation to mandate homes being built in a certain subdivision use the "IrriGRAY System".  

This means that the yards at  these new houses will be irrigated using gray water.   It's collected from bath tubs, air conditioning condensation, showers and washing machines.  That water alone can irrigate a 7,500 square foot lot.   

"We've seen tremendous growth in San Angelo through the last couple of years, the biggest concern with that growth from people is how are we going to be able to sustain the kind of growth that San Angelo is now enjoying, the only way you can do that is be resourceful," Michael Biggerstaff, CEO of Michael Biggerstaff Homes said.

There are 40 homes that are slated to be built soon. By using this system in these homes, it will save San Angelo 6.4 million gallons of water a year.  

There are also around 280 more lots for sale, all of those homes combined will save San Angelo 52 million gallons a year.