Water ReNu acquires assets of Morrow Water Savers

March 16, 2015

Dear Clients & Friends of IrriGRAY and Morrow Water Savers LLC,

We are writing today to let you know that IrriGRAY is changing hands.  We are now co-owned by Paul James (the designer of IrriGRAY) and Daniel Alford who have recently acquired IrriGRAY and other products from Morrow Water Savers.  Although IrriGRAY ownership has changed, the name will remain the same.  However, in order to increase manufacturing, service, and distribution efficiency, we are relocating the business to the Dallas metroplex.

We will maintain current operations with existing clients while finalizing the programming of IrriGRAY’s internet-based smart control tracking system.  This innovative development will monitor the system once installed as well as make virtual updates to the system instantaneously. It is expected to be released April 2015.

With ownership details finalized, we are excited about IrriGRAY’s immediate availability and look forward to doing business with you.

Please address inquiries and business transactions to us at 325-206-1758.

Be assured that this change will positively impact the company.  We believe in the profound benefits of IrriGRAY to you personally and the exponential effect we can collectively have on the environment by re-using precious water as efficiently as possible.  We look forward to serving you.


Paul James                   Daniel Alford