Graywater for existing Pier & Beam Foundations

Do you have a Pier and Beam home? If so, retrofitting the IrriGRAY graywater irrigation system is straightforward. Minor plumbing changes are made under the house to direct shower, tubs and laundry graywater to a pumping basin located under the house. 

The IrriGRAY system takes away the risk of water restrictions, so your landscape beds (and lawn if desired) can be irrigated year round - no restrictions. Plus you will save hundreds of dollars every year with lower utility bills, and increase the value of your property!

IrriGRAY is designed to:

  • Be as inexpensive as possible, while still providing a seamless and professional grade solution
  • Take up as little room as possible
  • Incorporate as many alternate water sources as possible, such as graywater, rainwater, condensate & more
  • Provide a standard design so builders can easily include the IrriGRAY system as a standard option in their new home offerings

The IrriGRAY system is logically broken into 4 stages: Collect, Filter, Manage & Distribute

1. Collect 

IrriGRAY uses a small 18" diameter x 30" collection and pumping basin.

It does NOT store water - as soon as approximately 5 gallons of water is collected in the basin, the pump automatically sends the graywater through the filter and into the current irrigation zone.

The pump also diverts a jet of water inside the basin to agitate the contents, stirring up any sediments and forcing these to the filter. Because of this the pump basin is self cleaning.

The pumping basin has an 18" diameter and is available in depths of either 30" (standard) or 22" (optional). 12" extension risers to increase the height up to 66", enabling connection to graywater stubout depths of up to 48".


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2. Filter (Self Cleaning)

The system has a sensor which determines when the filter needs cleaning, and then controls the cleaning process: 

  • switch off graywater pump
  • turn the filter handle to backwash
  • apply backwash water
  • return the filter to normal position
  • turn on the graywater pump again

The filter unit can be located inside the garage or outside within a small cabinet (the system has an automatic freeze protect mode and does not need to be protected from freezing conditions).

Backwash and Makeup Water valves are included in this assembly.

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Dimensions:  31" H x 22" W x 10" D

3. Manage (IrriGRAY Smart Controller)

The problem with Graywater has always been management. How do you know if you have too much? What happens if this isn't enough during the day? What can I do if my family is away on vacation?

IrriGRAY changes all of this. Unlike other products that use irrigation controllers designed for scheduling irrigation at the same time of day, we designed and manufacture our own water management controller specifically for graywater optimization.

The IrriGRAY Controller is easy to set up, both by DIY'ers and Irrigation Contractors. A 7" touchscreen tablet is the heart of the system, with simple to use setup screens. With WiFi access, settings can also be changed via computer, tablets or smart phones.

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Dimensions:  14" H x 10" W x 5" D
(including key access)

4. Distribute

IrriGRAY only needs a small collection and pumping basin because the inflow rate from showers, laundry and tubs is matched to the outflow rate of up to 16 landscape and turf irrigation zones. For residential purposes, each zone is equivalent to up to 1,000 square feet, and will irrigate between 5 and 10 gallons per minute, which is the same rate that graywater is produced in virtually all residential circumstances.

For larger properties - typically commercial locations such as hotels, tourism / spa resorts and lodges, zone size can be increased by using a combination of a larger collection basin and higher flow rate pump.

For very large industrial applications such as process water re-use, larger self cleaning filters are also used.