Automated Self Cleaning Twist II Clean Filter

automatic twist II clean filter

Twist II Clean Filter with Actuator

Patents Pending

The Lakos Twist II Clean filter was originally designed for manual use. When the handle is turned clockwise 90 degrees, the direction of flow through the screen is reversed, with the waste water directed to the exit at the bottom of the filter chamber.

Screen filters should be cleaned before the surface area becomes too blocked, otherwise the water supply system can be damaged, or as frequently observed the supply pressure can irrevocably damage the filter screen by pushing the mesh screen away from the frame. 

Water ReNu designed a patent pending solution to automate the Twist II Clean filter, and uses this product extensively in our IrriGRAY Graywater Irrigation systems.

Graywater Irrigation is particularly challenging when it comes to filtration. The contaminants in the water include hair, soap, detergent, skin, dirt, sand, lint - the list goes on. So you can be sure that whatever your need, the Automated Twist II Clean filter will perform.

The actuator is powered by 24v AC, and contains two micro switches, precisely adjusted by us during the manufacturing process.

Automation of the Twist II Clean Filter

To handle the significant torque forces involved, the mounting bracket is made of thick aluminum plate, supported by 1" angle on each side at the rear.

The mechanical interface between the filter handle and the actuator is slotted, allowing the handle bar to rise up and down as the filter handle rotates.

The filter can be cleaned with dirty water however if this method is chosen an additional downstream filter is required to catch any potential particulate matter that would catch on the inside of the screen during the back wash process. This method is NOT recommended for very dirty water such as graywater.


Height (including Twist II Clean): 17 1/2"
Width:7 1/2"


24 V AC, 60 Hz, 0.75 Amp, 3 wire, Neutral, Active (clockwise), Active (counter clockwise).

Please note our marketing videos have not been completed yet.

  • The video above is from a cycle test on our IrriGRAY graywater irrigation system. 
  • Having a leaf inside the filter is not a normal processing requirement. It should be noted the leaf did break down within 24 hours, and did not require manual intervention!
  • Graywater particulates are very difficult to see in this video. 

Automated Process as seen in video:

  • Step 1: Graywater Sump Pump automatically turned off.
  • Step 2: Handle turned 85 degrees clockwise
  • Step 3: Clean water supply activated
  • Step 4: Handle turned back to normal
  • Step 5: Graywater Sump Pump switched on.

Mesh Size:

Always choose at least one mesh size finer than the bulk of particulates in the water. As an example, our IrriGRAY graywater irrigation system only requires 40 - 60 mesh filtration, however graywater contains a substantial volume of particulates in the range of 1 to 80 mesh particulates. Using a 60 mesh filter screen resulted in significant catching of 80 mesh particulates between the mesh elements, and required much more backwash water to clean. 
A 100 mesh screen filter provided higher cleaning efficiency, requiring less water to self clean.

Back Wash Pressure:

If possible, use a backwash supply that has significantly more pressure than the dirty water supply. In our graywater systems, our dirty water is supplied at 8 PSI. We backwash with 30psi+ potable water (with cross connection prevention in place!). This cleans the filter in just a few seconds.