Why is the IrriGRAY Smart System so different?

Paul James: Product Designer, Water ReNu
(15 years experience in Australia and the U.S, installed hundreds of systems onsite, and manufactured thousands of products sold via resellers across the world)

"The correct method of irrigating graywater is subsurface. This means using special dripperlines under turf for lawns, and under mulch or other covering for landscape beds. This technology is not new, and has been proven for over 15 years in Australia and the U.S. It is highly efficient, uses less than 50% of the water normally used in spray irrigation, and results in achieving plant maturity twice as fast. Graywater really is an outstanding resource when re-used properly.

However in the past this was difficult to manage. Management systems could not cater for multiple irrigation zones, so large storage tanks were required, and pumped out every 24 hours. This method is expensive and had many maintenance challenges. Manual filters were the best solution at the time, but required regular cleaning by the home owner - a less than pleasant task.

Designing and maintaining these systems required significant contractor expertise and training, to the extent many of my hundreds of customers in Australia and here in the US had to acquire skills to the level of a professional irrigator. Clearly this was not a solution for the typical home owner.

Using a  tablet as the controlling computer means we effectively have an irrigation pro on site at all times. Once data has been entered for up to 16 irrigation zones (Dripperline length, surface area, and the water requirements of the type of trees / plants / turf for that zone), and your location is specified (your location defines how much irrigation water is required per month), the program works out the rest.

This means we no longer need to use a large tank, or engage a specialist designer to prepare a unique solution for your property. The system is so powerful it can, out of the box, provide a highly efficient irrigation system saving money every year for small homes, large homes, multi-family units  and commercial applications alike.

These are a few of the features the controller automatically provides:

  • determine which zones to irrigate throughout the day with graywater.
  • Add extra fresh water to any zones that did not receive enough graywater during the day.
  • Use fresh water during the day if you are on vacation, replicating normal graywater irrigation patterns.
  • Dispose of excess graywater during cooler months, either to septic / sewer or on larger properties send the water to a leach field, or native grasses zone.
  • Senses when temperatures are approaching freezing conditions and send all graywater to septic / sewer.
  • Allows zones to be set for very low water plants, such as Cacti, Passion fruit, Avocado so they are only watered once or twice per week instead of every day.
  • Incorporate rainwater storage, if available.
  • Individually scheduled preventative maintenance (dripperline flushing) for each zone, so your system can run trouble free year after year.

All of the features above are essential for the 'plug & play' solution we need in our fast paced lifestyles.

I hope you will take the time to read through our literature and please feel free to contact us with any questions."

Paul James