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IrriGRAY is the breakthrough Graywater system Home Owners and Builders have been waiting for.

Graywater & rain water keeping lawn and beds green through summer, saves money and water

Did you know just one person produces enough graywater from showers, tubs and laundry to irrigate up to 2,000 square feet of landscape and turf?

This means a typical household can keep their Landscape Green Throughout Summer, without being affected by water restrictions.


Plus, for most residential customers building a new home, IrriGRAY saves so much water that it more than pays for itself from day 1 (see installed cost / ROI for details)

Want to Protect your Landscaping Investment, avoid water restrictions AND save significant money every year? We recommend spending a little time on this site and see if it is appropriate for you and your new (or existing) home. Questions? Contact Us!

Fully Automated Operation

The brains of the IrriGRAY system is a 7" tablet, constantly monitoring re-use of graywater, potable water and other sources of water throughout the day. The tablet stays inside the locked controller box.

Climate Smart with LIVE Agricultural Weather Data

Irrigation volumes are based on actual weather, plant, and zone requirements. Meter water is delivered precisely, based on highly efficient capillary irrigation principles.

Self Cleaning Filter

The controller constantly checks whether the filter needs cleaning, and manages the entire cleaning process. An additional manual filter is installed inside the pumping basin,  however this only needs emptying annually (during an annual inspection of the basin).

16 Irrigation Zones

For virtually all residential installations, IrriGRAY is suitable for up to 25,000 sq feet of sub surface dripperline irrigation. Larger drip irrigated zones are possible with an optional, larger pumping basin and pump.

Graywater, Rainwater, AC Condensate & Potable Water

The IrriGRAY controller manages all water sources efficiently. If only Graywater and Potable water are available, IrriGRAY automatically adds potable water at the end of the day if irrigation needs were not met by graywater alone.

Landscape Drip, Turf Drip & Turf Sprinkler (potable water) Irrigation

For large properties e.g. estate lots where under turf drip irrigation could be expensive, the controller manages potable water sprinkler irrigation using best practice efficiency methods.

Excess Graywater Disposal / Diversion

Properties having septic waste systems can significantly reduce septic maintenance service costs and extend leach / drain field life by automatically diverting excess graywater to alternative zones for either beneficial irrigation or disposal via buried dripperline.

Internet Access / Configuration for authorized accounts

Irrigation settings can be modified locally via the tablet and / or remotely (via Computer, Phone, Tablet) by account authorized individuals (Home Owner, Landscape Contractor, WaterReNu Support).  

This means you, or your landscape contractor, or Water ReNu can modify your irrigation settings without the need for a costly onsite visit.

(Property WiFi service required)


Internet Statistics / Live View

With a wifi connection, the IrriGRAY controller sends performance information to our Internet server each minute an activity is undertaken. This includes when the filter is cleaned, when graywater is irrigated and to which zone and when potable water is used as makeup water. Easy to view charts shows statistics and minute by minute irrigation activities.

Proactive System Monitoring

Analyzing the minute by minute performance data, our server detects when abnormalities occur, such as a faulty irrigation valve, broken / cut distribution line, failed / low pressure potable water supply and power failure. Warning messages can be sent to the Home Owner and / or Landscape Contractor. 

Off Internet Operation

IrriGRAY operates fully with or without Internet access, and does not require internet access for programming.

Simple Interface / Programming

No more programming dials! IrriGRAY takes full advantage of the 7" tablet touchscreen to make programming and easy and intuitive as possible. Programming via internet has exactly the same screens.

Future Proof *

WaterReNu is able to update the controlling software remotely, and by individual tablet. This means you can always have the latest release controller version, or even choose to participate in beta test programs for future new functions. This is entirely managed by the IrriGRAY server (not Google play or Apple Store). A number of new functions are already in design / test in our R&D facility. * Upgrades and Internet reporting require an annual server subscription, free for the first 12 months and a  $96 annual fee thereafter. 

Commercial Grade

All aspects of IrriGRAY are designed for residential AND Commercial applications.

Designed, Assembled & Supported in the US from local & international suppliers

With over 15 years experience with Graywater (Australia and the US) we know what is required to efficiently irrigate and grow a green landscape year round. The IrriGRAY system is designed from the ground up using components that have been tested for years. Our tablet interface hardware and software is designed in house for the most effective management of graywater, rainwater, potable water and AC condensate. Over 80% of components, 100% of design, 100% of manufacturing and 100% of assembly  by value are purchased / incurred in the US.

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IrriGRAY Graywater Landscape

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