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graywater money savings chart 10 years 4 year payback roi return on investment smart controller filter pump water prie increase drought insurance restrictions
graywater money savings chart 10 years 4 year payback roi return on investment smart controller filter pump water prie increase drought insurance restrictions
graywater system cost & savings automated self cleaning smart controller landscape laundry branched drain house plumbing landscape roi savings water grass beds shrubs flowers plants trees fruit vegetables new home builder plumber irrigrator incremental spray chart payback finance residents incentive
Medium sized lot graywater irrigated landscape diagram, saving ~$1,500 per yar on water bills, saving money and water
small home lot graywater landscape, saving $400 - $800 per year 2 people




No matter what size, or style of landscape you have (or are planning), IrriGRAY has you covered.

It also doesn't matter what or how many types of water you have available - Graywater, Rainwater, Well Water, Potable Water, A/C Condensate and more - IrriGRAY efficiently manages and irrigates using the most cost effective and efficient method for each type of water.

For example:

  • Graywater can only be irrigated via sub surface drip

  • Rainwater can be irrigated via surface spray (depending on local codes)

  • Potable Water can be irrigated in any manner

  • Vegetable gardens in some locations can be irrigated with graywater, while in other areas not

  • Vegetable Gardens benefit from 2 - 3 irrigation sessions per day more than a single session.

With coverage of 16 irrigation zones, plus the flexibility to manage large spray areas which  can be expensive to drip, IrriGRAY covers virtually every Residential Irrigation scenario, from small to very large.. 

This is a unique feature of IrriGRAY. Purpose designed and manufactured by Water ReNu, IrriGRAY has features that no other system include, and at a fraction of their prices.  

If you haven't already reviewed these pages, here are some useful site links:

IrriGRAY manages any style of landscaping, efficiently and economically.

The Bottom Line: Installed cost, and how much money will I save?

While our pricing structure is simple, IrriGRAY is very flexible and can be installed to suit almost any need.

While the equipment cost is obviously higher than traditional spray systems, dripperline installation labor is generally 50 - 70% lower than spray installation.


Therefore the incremental cost of installing IrriGRAY compared to spray irrigation is less than the upfront system cost.

Please feel free to contact us for a detailed calculation of the savings and costs applicable for your property. We have automated spreadsheets that calculate down to monthly water use, climate and tiered water rates.

For now, however, lets consider 3 typical lot sizes.

Yellow:             House Footprint

Gray:                Hardscape

Brown              Landscape Beds

Light Green     Lawn with sub surface dripperline

Dark Green     Lawn with potable spray irrigation

This table is based on a typical irrigation water cost of $6 per 1,000 gallons, which is generally correct when tiered water pricing is taken into account in locations such as California and Texas.

We are more than happy to run the numbers for you based on your current water bills / county  tiered water rates.

On a pure cash basis, i.e. cash from your wallet, for a medium lot with 3.5 residents, the added cost of installing IrriGRAY (and dripperline) is $5,000, but saves $1,000 - $1,500 per year.​

This means IrriGRAY pays for itself in 4 years, with continued savings year after year.

If we assume water prices will increase every year by 4% the cumulative savings are shown in this chart.

Note an average 4% yearly water price increase is conservative, given virtually all water suppliers are face the twin problems of aging infrastructure and population growth.

Looking at Year 10, at which time you may decide to sell up and move on, you will have already saved ~$10,000.

And if you do decide to sell, you have the very saleable asset of a green landscape, protected from drought, and added future water bill savings into the sale price of your home.

We don't forward project this effect on property value as this is difficult to predict accurately.

90% of new home buyers do so with a mortgage. 

Therefore, IrriGRAY is not an out of pocket expense up front, but does incur interest costs over the life of the loan - unless you pay out the mortgage earlier.

In this example, consider a 20 year Mortgage, where the incremental cost of IrriGRAY is financed over the 20 years, including interest and principal repayment.

At year 10, the savings are about the same, at ~$10,000, but IrriGRAY gives you no up front cost, and actually saves you money from Month 1.

So in either a cash or mortgage basis the following is proven to be true:

  • IrriGRAY helps keep your landscape green throughout summer for your enjoyment

  • IrriGRAY protects i.e. insures your expensive landscape investment against the ravages of drought

  • IrriGRAY adds value to your property at resale

  • IrriGRAY helps protect water security in your community

This has been a quick overview of how IrriGRAY can literally save you tens of thousands of dollars. Of course every situation is a little different, so please contact us - we are here to help - it's our passion.

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