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Enhanced Services


Bids / Proposals

Bid documents are often low on specification details. Our team can quickly identify shortcomings and possibilities in documents and concepts; clarifying needs and quickly determining labor and material inputs needed.

Whether requested by the end client or contractor, we provide impartial advice and review to ensure all parties are aware of the goals, and effort / materials required to meet those goals.

Plan Drafting

Our planners are experienced in CAD plan preparation, as well as optimized irrigation zone design for graywater / low pressure drip irrigation.

This service is used by clients and contractors alike, with efficient turnaround and direct consultation with authorities as required.   Our experience results in lower overall costs to the client.

Project Management

Water Conservation Technologies cover many skills, and occur throughout the life of a project. Management of plumbers, electricians,landscape design and  irrigators may be required during foundation and pluming preparation, rough-in, framing, fitout and landscape installation.

Large sites, particularly commercial, often have competing contractor needs, and our team is experienced in managing all stakeholders to achieve required outcomes.


Our preference is to train local installers, at no cost to the client or contractor. Doing so results in repeat business and rapid local adoption of WaterRenu's market leading technologies.

If local resources are not available, peace of mind for the client, or the project has complexity, WaterReNu can provide installation teams, or team leads to ensure cost effective completion of the project.

Live Monitoring & Installation Support

First or second time installers are often nervous about the installation process. So long as they provide 24 hours notice, Water ReNu provides free immediate and unlimited phone consultation with installers. 

Although IrriGRAY is very easy to program and test, we also provide programming and remote testing services, to assist contractors in their training.

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Consultation / Design

Our methods are simple - determine water requirements, then recommend the most efficient sources available, based on water source security,  development cost and long term maintenance.  While always keeping an eye on future technology, we focus on proven technologies that enable integrated management of water classes and end uses.

Where possible, design includes provision for simplified installation of future technology when it becomes an economical option.

Code Compliance Negotiation & Development

For the inexperienced, code compliance during the design, permit and installation phases can be daunting. This is particularly the case the first time a significant water reuse project is proposed in a municipality. 

With our in depth knowledge of competing State, Plumbing and possibly local codes, we steer the project to a logical conclusion.  Part of this process is educating local authorities, and diplomatically correcting misunderstandings and possibly long term code errors / guidance. Consultations typically occur with City / County Executive Management, Building and Plumbing Inspector Management, Public Health and Water Conservation personnel.

Face to face meetings, while useful, are not necessary - the majority of code discussions and resolution are completed by email / phone.

Industry Education & Development

Since 2000, Paul James, VP Research & Product Development, has taken an active role as adviser, expert symposium panelist, guest presenter / speaker at numerous exhibtions, advanced trainer and advocate personally in Australia, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Texas.  James' has also been involved via email / phone with code development Internationally and other US states.

Contractor Training & Education

WaterReNu's comprehensive training document and videos provide a strong basis for ongoing Contractor Training & Education. Training sessions are also provided for new installation regions, enabling new home builders to continue using their existing contractors, or select from a qualified pool of local contractors.

Municipal / State Outreach

Significant focus is invested into raising awareness of technology benefits, identifying potential roadblocks, and pulling together stakeholders to achieve desired outcomes.

As an example, WaterRenu is a strong contributor to the Texas Association of Builders, at committee level, legislative review with an emphasis on new home construction and outdoor water efficiency, and a major contributor to the Texas Builder's Foundation.

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Professional Services

First and foremost, WaterReNu is a product development and manufacturing company, focused on wide scale adoption of water conservation methods.

However implementation of the technology is multi-disciplinary, and the construction, landscape and regulatory bodies are still coming up to speed with possibilities and economic realities.

Along with manufacturing, WaterReNu continues to be involved with design and installation of systems across the US and internationally, from simple to highly advanced needs. Where possible, we refer clients to local installers, and provide training where applicable.

With over 50 years combined experience in graywater, rainwater, alternate and potable water design, permit approvals, management and installation,

we have efficient resources available to assist your project meet budget and defined objectives.

There is no obligation, and initial phone / email consultations are provided at no cost.

Our goal is to make sure clients set realistic goals and budgets, and their contractors provide realistic bids for a win / win outcome.

Clients are highly appreciative, providing testimonials and the occasional bottle of scotch as thanks.

We take pleasure in insuring the maximum pragmatic water savings are obtained - that is our passion, and the basis of WaterReNu.

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