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Easy Programming

IrriGRAY is very easy to program, because there is not math involved, no minutes to estimate, and no confusing dials to turn and buttons to press.

We recommend programming IrriGRAY on a computer or large tablet first. It is possible to program IrriGRAY on a small smart phone, however using the large computer screen is much easier.

All IrriGRAY needs to know is:


  • where the system is located (for weather)

  • what the local water use restrictions are

  • how big each zone is, and what type of planting is in that zone.

Every IrriGRAY Programming page has a help panel at the right, and a link to a video guide on YouTube.

water restrictions irrigation potable water drip dripperline smart contoller irrigray graywater rain
water restrictions graywater irrigation rain well condensate sprinkler spray inches per month days of week month smart controller irrigray

The next step is setting up zones (stations), and each can be defined as one of four zone types:

  • Graywater Dripperline (& Potable / Rain / Well Makeup Supply)

  • Graywater Disposal

  • Potable Water Sprinkler

  • Potable Water Dripperline

This is an example of the setup for a Graywater Dripperline Zone:

  • How big is the zone?

  • What is the main Plant Type in the Zone?

  • How Dense is the foliage of the plants across the zone

  • Which Days of the Week should the zone receive (normally every day is best)

smart controller vegetale garden multiple start times gallons evapotranspiration gaywater potable water dripperline spray sprinkler drip dripperline density start cycle soak lawn grass zone station irrigray
graywater smart irrigation controller zones stations disposal sprinkler spray potale area plant type density surface subsurface evapotranspiration coefficient

Because this zone is for potable water spray irrigation, it doesn't need as much information.

For example days of the week are not required, because this is controlled by water restriction days, set in Climate & Water.

graywater chart potale water gallons day date range rain excess sprinkler spray makeup water smart controller phone tablet computer
graywater timeline chart rain filter event irrigation smart controller excess spray lawn gass beds evapotranspiration
graywater chart gallons by station smart controller phone tablet computer online rain potal water excess new planting
graywater weather CA TX AZ NM WA cimis ET internet phone tablet computer rain landscape grass lawn reuse smart location drip laundry shower bath spa irrigation

IrriGRAY includes charts that show water by day, by zones, totals, with breakdowns of:

  • Potable Dripperline gallons

  • Potable Sprinkler gallons

  • Makeup Water gallons

  • Excess Graywater (irrigated) gallons

  • Graywater gallons

  • New Planting gallons

Irrigated Water (by date)

Irrigated Water (by zone)

Event Timeline

The Event Timeline shows when different irrigation zone events occurred, as well as filter cleaning and if the rain sensor triggered.

In this example, a hotel laundry is processing large amounts of very dirty towels and cleaning clothes for about 4 hours each day.

Water ReNu support fine tuned the disc filter cleaning program settings to clean frequently with a small amount of water each time.

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