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The #1 Reason Clients Choose IrriGRAY is for their Lush Green Landscape, despite summer water restrictions,

Dallas TX

Graywater Lawn and Landscape Beds
Graywater saves $1k+ on utilities
Graywater saves 200,000 gallons
Very small footprint graywater sys
Graywater system with live weather
Graywater+Rain+Well+AC+Potable Water
Daily Graywater Charts
Graywater lawn and landscape staying green whil saving water & money
Multi Family / Commercial
Multi-family Graywater Commercial landscape reuse saving money and water with IrriGRAY

“IrriGRAY is simply the best system available to protect my landscape & save ~$1,000 per year on my water bills.

It has essential features that other systems do not, and at a fraction of their costs."  

Scott S, Arizona

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