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4 Seasons in 1 week? Why you need a smart weather Controller for the best graywater experience.

I can't wait for winter to end! Winter has been much colder & longer in Texas, while in California Winter seemed to never really arrive, and summer is well on the way.

Daily Irrigation - as we can with graywater - is highly efficient, and is more resilient to hot spells than spray once a week or even less frequently during water restrictions.

However the last two summers have been exceptional for long periods very different to historical norms. From early last year, IrriGRAY has integrated State Agricultural Weather Observations, Such as the Californian CIMIS network, and the Texas A&M network.

This resulted in much better water efficiency and landscape performance. We still don't use recorded rainfall when determining daily irrigation - Internet Weather is not accurate enough regarding your own micro climate around your house or business. Rain is still best detected with your own rain sensor.

Speaking of Internet Weather Accuracy, we occasionally receive questions about installing personal weather stations, and integrating with suitable private weather networks.

The weather networks are fine, BUT there can be major issues with personal weather stations. Our research of these networks show personal weather stations incorrectly calculate irrigation requirements most of the time - typically 30% error rates.

One of the most important weather elements for calculating irrigation volumes is WIND. The formula for calculating the Daily EvapoTranspiration (ET) value assume wind is measured accurately at a certain distance above ground, and with no wind shadow effects.

It may be that your site is a long way from a State Agricultural Weather Station. For this reason, the IrriGRAY Graywater Irrigation System lets you choose up to 3 weather stations, and the weighting that will be applied to each system. Plus you can still bump the value up or down to further cater for local conditions.

After all, IrriGRAY isnt just about saving Water & Money, it's about having a landscape to be proud of.

As we say... Efficient, Economical, Effective.



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