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Announcing the IrriGRAY 'All-In-One' graywater collection, filtration and distribution system

First released in 2019, the all-in-one IrriGRAY system automatically filters graywater inside the basin.

The filtration system does not need clean water to backwash the filter, so there is no need for a pressurized potable water connection to the system. This avoids over $500 in contractor labor and equipment costs, by not having to install a backflow prevention device.

Also, by having everything in the single unit, plumbing installation is significantly simplified, with both time (labor) and material savings.

This product addition in 2019 ensured Water Renu could continue to provide the most advanced 'all -in-one' system available.

Water Renu continues to offer the large volume Gray Filter system, which uses potable water for back wash. In California, the gray filter system requires an additional potable water pressurization system to meet 2020 code, but as a very high volume system is still used for Large Families, Multi-Family and Hotel applications.



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