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State Graywater Codes


Codes vary State by State, and some cases County by County.

For convenience, significant sections of major codes are available here.

Codes change regularly, so always check with your local jurisdiction

Note: In most cases, plumbing code takes precedence over graywater code. As a result, even though the state graywater code might allow a certain method, if the local plumbing code contradicts, the plumbing code will win.

Confusing the issue further, are different versions of Plumbing Codes. In particular 2011 UPC (Uniform Plumbing Code) has a few challenges, but is slowly being replaced by the 2015 version. Code adoption by local authorities is usually 3 years after the release of that code cycle.

All is not lost however, local officials are willing to accommodate water conservation methods in most cases, if the technology has been proven elsewhere. The primary county officials that are likely to be:

  • Business Development Manager

  • Building permits

  • Plumbing Inspection (Manager level)

  • Public Health Department

  • Water Conservation

If you think you may have a code problem coming up, feel fee to get in touch with us - we negotiate code issues across the US. In most cases we pursue the matter at no cost to you (Pro Bono) so it doesn't hurt - or cost - to call us.

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