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City Of Dallas approves 1st Graywater Re-Use system (IrriGRAY)

Updated: Jan 31, 2018

The City of Dallas, as for the first time, approved a graywater re-use system, via UPC 2015 Code.

On behalf of the Designer / Developer, Faulkner Design Group, Water ReNu designed and installed an integrated smart Graywater & Rainwater Irrigation system using IrriGRAY. IrriGRAY is linked to the Texas A&M Agricultural Weather network, ensuring ET based irrigation is precisely calculated, and combined with daily irrigation via drip irrigation, is over 95% efficient.

The varied landscape design, includes various bed planting, and in ground irrigation of substantial existing trees.

Rainwater Capture and Graywater Re-use is an integral component of the development's LEED Platinum certification.

We will post a further blog entry of the stunning landscape imagery when landscaping is complete, expected Feb 2018.

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