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Come see IrriGRAY in action: Palo Alto March 28th 29th 2018, Multi Family Smart Homes with Graywater

Come see Palo Alto’s new, state of the art, all-electric apartment complex. This property has incorporated the latest building technologies, from high performance building materials, advanced building control systems to high efficiency heat pump appliances for water heating and space conditioning, creating a sustainable and healthy living environment.

IrriGRAY has been installed, and controls the entire irrigation needs of this multi-family development, primarily sourced from graywater reuse. We are delighted to welcome 430 Forest Avenue to the IrriGRAY Community, already very strong with numerous clients in the San Francisco region.

Paul James, the designer of IrriGRAY will be there to answer any questions related to IrriGRAY, & the reuse of all alternate water supplies such as graywater, rainwater, AC Condensate, Well water and more.

The owners of this green property - on track to achieve LEED Platinum certification - will host an Open House, along with Palo Alto City staff, to answer questions related to green building resources and Palo Alto City programs available to support similar electrification upgrades.

Wednesday, March 28th, 6pm - 8pm RSVP

Thursday, March 29th, 3pm - 5pm RSVP

For more Information about this green property, located at 430 Forest Avenue, Palo Alto, click here.


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