The #1 Reason Clients Choose IrriGRAY is for their Lush Green Landscape, despite summer water restrictions,

Dallas TX

Graywater Lawn and Landscape Beds
Graywater saves $1k+ on utilities
Graywater saves 200,000 gallons
Very small footprint graywater sys
Graywater system with live weather
Graywater+Rain+Well+AC+Potable Water
Daily Graywater Charts
Graywater lawn and landscape staying green whil saving water & money
Multi Family / Commercial
Multi-family Graywater Commercial landscape reuse saving money and water with IrriGRAY

“IrriGRAY is simply the best system available to protect my landscape & save ~$1,000 per year on my water bills.

It has essential features that other systems do not, and at a fraction of their costs."  

Scott S, Arizona

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Graywater system with live weather

State Agricultural weather stations are far more accurate thank general internet weather for calculating the precise amount of water required for landscape irrigation. IrriGRAYuses agricultural station data every day to efficiently irrigate your landscape.