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It is Common Sense, but this is why Builders are interested in automatic graywater systems

Top 5 Reasons Builders Offer Graywater as an Irrigation Solution:

1. Adds to the Builders’ Competitive Advantage / Green Building All builders seek that extra reason for a client to choose You as their builder. Graywater Irrigation is still relatively novel, although in demand from clients when they understand how automated graywater systems enable & protect landscape enjoyment while saving money every year.

2. Provide Curb Appeal We all know previous builds are critical to Builders’ future success. Attractive, irrigated landscapes add significant visual appeal to your portfolio, and this is only possible with alternate water sources (instead of restricted potable water).

3. Reduce Public Resistance to Development The public knows water is becoming more scarce through population growth and climate variability. Builders and Developers overcome a portion of public resistance to development by reducing demand on existing potable water infrastructure.

4. Least Expensive Source of Alternate Water Because Graywater is generated every day, and best used immediately, expensive storage is not required. Relying on Rainwater requires volume storage at significant cost. Per effective gallon of irrigation, a Graywater system such as IrriGRAY is less than a third of the cost of comparable Rainwater systems (although there are legitimate reasons for incorporating Rainwater, and IrriGRAY will manage this automatically).

5. It Just Feels Right Most Builders live in their target communities, and simply want to do the right thing while helping their community grow. A typical IrriGRAY client saves around 200,000 gallons of potable water per year by re-using graywater instead of potable spray, and that simply feels great.



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